"Skill will bring success" King David

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E4S Positive Impact & Confidence building Event

Fun Interactive event on how to Improve on Self confidence and Maintain a Positive attitude to LIFE & WORK (16years & Over)

Join the fun!

Presentations Inc:Ways to improve confidence and deal with self esteem issues.
- Practical ways to make a positive impact personally and professionally.

- Motivational talks on ways to move forward in life and work.

There will be refreshment and a chance to socialize.
Day event in schools and local institutions.
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It is difficult to plan your way forward, into further education or work if you feel stuck or you are struggling with issues of insecurity or low self esteem. This program is designed to build up your self esteem and equip you with practical skills that will boost your core-confidence and improve your employability.


From Insecurity to Confidence
BFWP is a community project aimed at supporting young people (16 and over ) to develop their self - confidence from the inside out by going through our 4'S' program - More details