"Skill will bring success"King David

Workshops/Events for Schools & Groups

E4S Employability skills & Empowerment programme for Young People and Schools; (16+)

Fun Interactive programme to prepare young people and A level students to best handle the challenges of life and work. 
The programme offers Employability skills & Emotional Intelligence training;
This includes building self-confidence and self-awareness that empower participants to overcome issues such as low self-belief, insecurities and suicidal tendencies, as well as curb negative actions such bullying, violence and knife crime.

Join the fun!

Outcomes Include;
- Participants learn vital work and social skills that prepare them (mentally and physically) to progress confidently into further education or the workplace and to stay in work.
- There is Improved self confidence and self belief with a positive outlook for the future.
- Participants discover practical ways to advance personally and professionally + Receive mentoring support to progress.

2 Day event in schools and local institutions
 - Starts Monday 23rd September 2019.
  Click to register interest your institution or to make enquiries. 

This project is supported by Milton Keynes Council.


From Insecurity to Confidence

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