As a non - profit organisation, services are highly subsidised for unemployed and disadvantaged people within our communities - Supporting E4S means empowering these cohorts to develop practical skills that can afford them the confidence and skills required to progress into employment and beyond. This is a worthwhile investment for any private or public body wishing to invest towards a better community and national economy.

Participation in E4S programs and workshops is a life-line for many participants, this also keeps them out of the streets crimes and violence, saving the community hundreds of thousands of funds spent in tackling street crimes and repairing vandalised public infrastructure caused by bored idle young people.

We also offer employability support and crafts activities (i.e Designing & Sewing) for stay at home moms and retired people who wish to socialise, explore their creative ability and improve their confidence while gaining useful handy skills. 

E4S appreciates sponsorship support for training equipment or programs sponsorship - Please contact us for more details if you wish to offer us support.

We are happy to acknowledge your support in our publicity materials. THANK YOU.