This program is designed to build up self-esteem and empower participants with practical skills that will move them from insecurity to self-confidence.

From Insecurity to Confidence

BFWP is a community project aimed at empowering women (16 and over) by adapting a holistic approach that works from the inside out using our 4 'S' programme - This is for anyone who wants to improve their self-confidence and learn practical skills to take on the challenges of life and work through learning, active participation and mentoring -
Activities will involve story telling, role plays and filming.

( 4 Course program ).

4'S's to Build & Maintain Confidence for LIFE & WORK Participants go through 4 course programme that addresses vital arears such as;

  • Self esteem & core - confidence; Improve your confidence by understanding who you are, your self - worth, your abilities and how to be the best you. 
  • Social skills; People who develop good social skills & decorum (People skills) are well mannered, communicate effectively and enjoy more productive relationships. 
  • Style impact; You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. How you present your self says a lot about who you are and will determine how people perceive you - You will learn how to present a positive image and make a positive impression always.
  • Success skills for the workplace; At this session you will learn essential  skills for work (Inc. interview and work skills) and how to maintain a positive attitude for business or workplace.
Courses can be administered online - Contact us for details.

At the end of the program;

  • Participants are more confident and have a positive 'can do' attitude.
  • Are able to communicate better, understand team work andproblem solving.
  • Understand how to have better relationships and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Discover how to make a positive first impression always and speak confidently, including at interviews or presentations.

Mentoring options for continuous improvement will be available

Participants that complete the program get a certificate of completion award and a chance to get further mentoring support and guidance if applicable.  

(Concessions are available - Find out if you are eligible)

Contact us to register or to request more details.