Empowering Mind-Set & Skill-Set

'Improving your knowledge will change your mind-set and subsequently your actions'

Empower4Success (E4S) is a program formulated to achieve transformational development from the inside out - Adapting a holistic approach to help move you forward if you are feeling stuck. This is achieved through training, interaction, participation, coaching & mentoring sessions designed to suit individuals or particular groups.

Sessions address such areas as;
  • Are you struggling with feelings of insecurity, emptiness or low self esteem? - Discover how to feed your self-esteem, believe in yourself, grow your confidence and take back control.
  • How to develop a more positive attitude to life & work, become happier, resilient and more productive.
  • How to build / Nurture better relationships & influence people more positively - Incl. being an effective team player.
  • How to improve your Social skills; - Communication, conversation & customer service skills, speaking confidently in public.
  • How to improve your personal image presentation and always make positive impressions. Includes interview skills.
  • How to set specific goals and take positive steps towards achieving your goals & purpose.
  • Discover how to move forward in life & career. And so much more...

All the courses are built on E4S ethos (empowering participants holistically, from the inside out) with sessions tailored to support participants to take planned action and move forward.

E4S modules are drawn from proven effective best working practices, the best innovations of human psychology and tested timeless principles of life, along with our skills, many years of training, coaching and mentoring experience, to create programs that are unique and very effective.
Courses are Fun, interactive, thought provoking & informative - Offered privately ( Including by email, telephone & Skype ) or In groups.
Hourly, half or full day Courses. Workshops can also be delivered in - house or at designated venues.

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It is recommended you provide writing materials for workshops, although worksheets will be provided, you will need to note vital contents generated during the workshops.

Presenting E4S at Stantonbury International School, Milton Keynes.