Good Leadership in the Workplace;

Good leadership:  True leaders are usually good leaders as they lead from a heart of service – True leadership is more about giving than taking and serving than being served; The trait of a true leader is reflected by their attitude to service and setting positive examples even when it is the most difficult thing […]

Preparing Millennials for the Workplace;

Business research by professional bodies reveal that millennials (especially school leavers) are not work ready and need more support to advance into work It has become apparent that business/professional development workshops and activities must be encouraged in schools and organisations to ensure young people are prepared to advance into work as well as thrive in the work place. Read More;

Psychological Theories to Coaching and Mentoring for work;

Coaching and Mentoring psychology is coaching and mentoring taking into consideration the study of psychology. Psychological theories in relation to coaching and mentoring for work include; Behaviourist, humanistic, cognitive and developmental approaches to learning. Improving performance at work:–  Behaviourism (or behaviourist approach to learning) is most commonly used due to the wide application of its’ […]

Benefits of mentoring;

Mentoring is a personal development procedure which empowers an individual (mentee) to improve their confidence and skill set, with an aim to achieve their goals while being supported by an experienced and more skilled individual (mentor). Mentor supporting Mentee to advance Benefits of mentoring;

Accessing your inner Happiness;

The things that give us true and lasting happiness come from within us – our thoughts, how we perceive our environment and the experiences we have will deliver to us their corresponding happiness or sadness as the fruit of our thoughts and attitude to our experience. Dan Gilbert states; ‘We have within us the capacity […]

Positive Leadership @ the Workplace

A good business leader has the key responsibility to influence and motivate his team positively towards a common goal which is aligned with company goals and projections.  Traits of a successful business leader includes;

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