Addressing Personality & Diversity in team relationships @ work;

In addressing personality and diversity in team relationships at work, it is important to note that we are all uniquely different – our personalities determine how we perceive our environment, how we respond to people (as member of a team) and to things happening around us. People are born with their natural personalities but can…...

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Taking back control of your life – Part 2; Taking action

Taking back control involves planning, but most importantly, planning must be backed up with strategic and focussed actions forward in order to generate the desired positive results. Read more;

Taking back control of your life – Part 1; Planning.

Taking back control of ones life is like getting back on the drivers seat ( In this case the drivers seat of your life ), planning and making your way forward;   ‘Taking control means having a plan, taking targeted action and being committed to your cause’.  Planning is the first step towards fulfilling your […]

Positive Attitude at Work;

A positive Attitude at work is a vital key to success in the workplace. Keeping a positive attitude at work will make you enjoy your job, earn you a promotion and most importantly, keep you on track towards achieving your professional goals – The right attitude attracts new opportunities because more people are happy to […]

Good Leadership in the Workplace;

Good leadership:  True leaders are usually good leaders as they lead from a heart of service – True leadership is more about giving than taking and serving than being served; The trait of a true leader is reflected by their attitude to service and setting positive examples even when it is the most difficult thing […]

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