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   “Success is a journey, not a destination G. David. 
E4S offers transformational life and work skills programs aimed at supporting and  empowering people who are dealing with employment issues, such as career transition and progression.
Program outcomes include;
Our Workshops

All our courses are built on E4S ethos (empowering participants holistically, from the inside out) with sessions tailored to support participants to take planned action, find purpose and move forward. Choose the best workshop for yourself.


Employability skills & Empowerment programs designed to empower and support young people and Schools – (14 & over).

Program is perfect for young people who want to get into the world of work, study, change careers or learn useful skills for advancing in the workplace – (19 & over).

Aimed at empowering mature young people to develop their self – confidence from the inside out. Support to get a job, retrain or start a business – (24 & over). 

Our Lessons
Lessons specially designed to help you achieve your goals.
Confident Mindset

Resources and articles to inspire you, support your mental wellbeing and build your self confidence. 

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Skills for work

Access useful resources and articles to support you into work and to stay in work.        

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Access resources and articles that will support and empower you to achieve goals and stay on course.

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Our Mentors

A mentor is someone who guides a less skilled person ( a mentee ) by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role must align with the needs of the mentee.

Mentoring is often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) supports another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the mentee’s professional and personal growth. Presently, most organizations recognize how effective it is in one’s professional & personal development to have a mentor in their lives especially for young people.


Empower 4 success program helped boost my self – confidence which was stopping me from getting a job. Although I had attended job clubs in the past that helped me with CV and interview, my mind was completely cluttered and so I could not move forward or get a job, but I was able to get all the support I needed to overcome these obstacles by attending Empower4Success workshops and I now have a very good job.

F. Cobas ( E&E programme participant)


A program that supports young people and unemployed to build up their confidence and self-esteem as well as equip them with practical skills to do well in these challenging times is a great cause and definitely something the community will benefit from

Councillor White.


We rely on your generous support to continue to empower disadvantaged young people and their families towards a stronger community.

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