Read what some of our Participants are saying;

“Thank you so much for an excellent course. I am more positive and have regained my self – confidence”. Abi – (E4S workshops – Kentish Town Job Centre )

Abi gained employment working as a primary school teaching assistant, after the course.


“I enjoyed this course because it helped me to understand what I need to do and how to go forward. Extremely useful”

Asema – ( E4S workshops – St Marylebone Job Centre London)

Asema followed her vision and started her training in preparation to work in the aviation industry.


“I have already made so much progress since being on the course, especially on the exercise on ‘Decluttering the mind’. This has been very good for me. I am feeling very confident now and have developed a more positive outlook for my progression in the future. Excellent course!” 

A. Muhammed. (E4S workshops – St Marylebone Job Centre London)

Muhammed is currently volunteering in a reputable Charity in London to prepare her for paid work.


“Thank you for all your help. I really enjoyed the course. Excellent”

Fran. (Employability workshops in Milton Keynes) 

Fran got the support and confidence she needed to start her own business in photography.


“I have been on a lot of these workshops, but this one is completely different from the rest. Very helpful and useful and great teacher”

Ed. (Employability workshop – North Kensington Job Centre London)

Ed has an IT qualification and currently got a role working in an IT company in London.


“Starting the course I didn’t have any direction as to what I needed to do. Now through this course, I see a direction and pathway I can take by planning, being more positive and taking back some of the control I have lost. 

Paul (Employability workshop – North Kensington Jcp London) 

Paul has regained his sense of direction and now actively seeking employment while volunteering.


“I found the session on communication techniques very useful including the support on how to get started on setting up a business. I feel more confident”

Sam (Employability workshops – Milton Keynes).

Sam has gained the knowledge & confidence to pursue his love for acting in theatre as self – employed, while looking for other part time role. He is making strides forward with our support.


“I have found E4S workshop very useful; I feel motivated and more confident about my plans going forward. I now understand the benefit of work and as I enjoy teaching young children, I have successfully started a vocational course and a volunteering role helping young children in schools – Excellent course’

 A. Ahmed (E4S Workshop participant)
A. Ahmed is doing an advanced teacher training course and is excited to advance in her career.

I am so glad I have the opportunity to be part of this programme. It is exactly what I need at the moment. Before I started the course I was struggling with low – self esteem, But since the course has helped me to become more confident and to believe in myself.

The course is also well structured and easy to understand. I was able to set goals and plan my way forward. I feel more positive about the future. Excellent course”.

Anara (Employability workshop – Job Centre London)

After the course Anara had gained confidence to take the next step into volunteering with a housing agency to hone her skill in housing management which is her area of discipline.


“Empower 4 success program helped boost my self – confidence which was stopping me from getting a job. Although I had attended job clubs in the past that helped me with CV and interview, my mind was completely cluttered and so I could not move forward or get a job, but I was able to get all the support I needed to overcome these obstacle by attending Empower4Success workshops and I now have a good job”

F. Cobal ( E4S programme participant MK )

Cobal has started work as an assistant Manager in a restaurant in Milton Keynes


E4S program has been very beneficial to the groups. All participants gave positive feedback and I have started to see some very good outcomes with particular individuals in terms of improved confidence and more positive attitude, more self- belief is evident. Some of the participants have already found work and some have applied for vocational training.There is more positivity about future prospects and more focused goal setting. Overall the program helped us all to assess and reflect on our personal barriers, physically and psychologically as well as what is holding us back in both our professional and personal lives. It gave us the tools and techniques to help us overcome these barriers to lead more successful and fulfilling lives.

C. Benjafield  Resident Support Officer ( YMCA .MK )

” The course was extremely useful in building up my self belief. Amazing! ”     Chris.C – YMCA


” E4S course started me thinking there is a chance I can improve myself and my situation. Very useful ”                                                                       

Martyn. S – YMCA


“ E4S program was excellent – Simplifying and elucidating fantastic life changing ways to better ourselves and achieve our full potential. In just a few quick sessions, a lot of knowledge was gained”                                     

T.D Stantonbury International School 



” My confidence has grown since the course and I learnt what my barriers are and how to overcome them. I have also have learnt extremely useful skills ”             



“ A program that supports young people to build up their confidence and self-esteem as well as equip them with practical skills to do well in these challenging times is a great course and definitely something the community will benefit from ” 

Cllr B. White @ E4S event.


“ The program has helped me to believe in myself more – making sure I can be myself but also more confident with others. I also learnt that communication is a key to success in work and life. I used to be afraid of taking the front place in a group, but since I joined the course, I have become more confident in doing things such as speech presentations and other activities. I have also confidently started to look for work with the skills I gained”                                                                                      V.P Stantonbury International School.

“ E4S program has allowed me to see certain things better like how even something as small as thinking positively can affect how you do things – I can understand how my attitude can work positively or negatively – Excellent course ”            

K.K Stantonbury International School.


I found it extremely helpful – I feel I have conquered my fears.        – Aaron .YMCA


The course has been extremely useful – It has helped me realize certain things about myself which has not helped my confidence and self-esteem. I now understand how I can change that and I feel more confident.                                 – Karrie G – YMCA


The course has been really good. Since the course, I feel more confident and more focused towards my goals.                                                        – Michelle B – YMCA


“Passionate training. Many of us have been helped in so many areas through this training – Excellent”. ( E4S Training Session )

                                                                         -J.o ( Team Leader – Youth group )

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