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Healthy Summer Tips;

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Summer is here. It’s a great time to let go, expose some skin and enjoy the sunshine. But you must not forget to look after yourselves, especially when you go off to that sunny holiday. A friend of mine went abroad for one week and came back with her skin peeling off in scales.

Remember never expose yourself to the sunlight without wearing a good sunscreen lotion to protect your skin ( especially on very hot days ), and a pair of sunglasses (with UVB/UVA protection) for your eyes. Lotions or moisturizers with high SPF (Sun protection factor 20 – 30) always come highly recommended for the hot season. This helps to keep your skin from losing a lot of moisture and keeps you looking fresh.

Drink plenty of water/fluid ( 6- 8 glasses a day) to stay well hydrated and help your body fight off disease especially during this cv-19 period. Its also been proven that proper hydration will help eliminate sunken eyes as well as circles under eyes, and improve skin plumpness. Do not worry so much if you can’t manage as many glasses a day. Your daily intake of fluid from other sources add up, such as juices, fruits, tea, etc. You may want to consider mixing your juice drinks and soft-drinks with water if you struggle to drink plain water. However, your best option is always good old water.

Have cold showers on very hot days and splash your face and neck lightly with cold water during the day or use a wet flannel to wipe your body if needed. This will help keep the body cool, refreshed and comfortable.

Finally, while we should try to enjoy our summer break and holidays during these unusual times, remember to keep safe and keep others safe by doing the right thing; Social distancing, wearing your masks where the rules apply and washing your hands often.

Good Luck 🙂

Finding Your Purpose;

Everyone is here for a reason, to fulfil a purpose or solve a problem. It is therefore vital to find out what this purpose is.

Your purpose is hidden potential or talent within you waiting to be discovered. What is hidden potential?  This is dormant ability or reserved power in you which is not fully utilized. Discovering your ability will enable you leverage on this strength to move forward successfully and fulfil your purpose. Purpose is the reason for our existence.

” Purpose is the master of motivation. Purpose gives birth to hope and instils the passion to act ”  Myles Munroe

One of the worst tragedies is to live your life without discovering why you are here. We must strive to find our purpose or hidden potential because already within us is the inherent ability to fulfil our potential.

Watch a short clip on ‘Discovering your Purpose’.

Why you must discover your purpose;

  • You are already designed to meet the unique requirements of your purpose and the sooner you discover it, the sooner you become the best you can be.
  • The world needs what you have and the purpose for which you where born, because your individual purpose is linked to a greater purpose that serves the good of humanity.
  • When you are not living according to your purpose, you are like a missing piece of puzzle that is supposed to fit in somewhere with the rest of the world missing a piece – You feel lost and unfulfilled.

The world needs what you have, finding your purpose is the first step to living a life of fulfilment and success.

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