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Your generous support will help us to continue to empower disadvantaged young people and their families towards a stronger community.


E4S Crowdfunder for Advance interactive programmes

Your financial support will enable us to continue doing this work effectively and efficiently – These are very challenging times for young people. We want to continue offering our mentoring support, especially to the more vulnerable ones. The funds will help us acquire the right tools & resources for training activities, also recruit and train more mentors & volunteers to continue to deliver transformational and sustainable outcomes.

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Empower4Success has received CLW Global Award as “Work Skills Training Organisation of the Year 2023/24”

Big thank you to the organisers, all our well wishers and partners who continue to support our work.

Posted 17/10/2023


Dates: 7th October 2023

Time: 1pm – 4pm


Milton Keynes Tabernacle,

New Bradwell, MK13 0EE



Group activities; Discoveries, games, music, story telling, refreshments & much more….

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E4S has received a Non-Profit award as ‘Most Empowering Employability Skills Training Provider 2023 – South East England’.


We have been awarded the “Quality Mark of Excellence” by the Charity Excellence Framework.



A satisfied mother, happy to give Empower 4 Success a positive review for their support.


This programme is designed for age:14 & over – In Secondary or transiting from Secondary education.

(Young people & Schools).
Empowering young people to stir up their passions.
Identify best career path and equip them
with practical skills to get there and to thrive.

-Build confidence & personal resilience
-Improve mental wellbeing
-Identify best career path
-Career development skills
-Mentoring for progress & much more


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Finding Your Purpose;

Everyone is here for a reason, to fulfil a purpose or solve a problem. It is therefore vital to find out what this purpose is.

Your purpose is hidden potential or talent within you waiting to be discovered. What is hidden potential?  This is dormant ability or reserved power in you which is not fully utilized. Discovering your ability will enable you leverage on this strength to move forward successfully and fulfil your purpose. Purpose is the reason for our existence.

” Purpose is the master of motivation. Purpose gives birth to hope and instils the passion to act ”  Myles Munroe

One of the worst tragedies is to live your life without discovering why you are here. We must strive to find our purpose or hidden potential because already within us is the inherent ability to fulfil our potential.

                                 Click to watch a short clip on ‘Discovering your Purpose’.

Why you must discover your purpose;

  • You are already designed to meet the unique requirements of your purpose and the sooner you discover it, the sooner you become the best you can be.
  • The world needs what you have and the purpose for which you where born, because your individual purpose is linked to a greater purpose that serves the good of humanity.
  • When you are not living according to your purpose, you are like a missing piece of puzzle that is supposed to fit in somewhere with the rest of the world missing a piece – You feel lost and unfulfilled.

The world needs what you have, finding your purpose is the first step to living a life of fulfilment and success.

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