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Our Story

Empower4Success is a registered community group, offering a program specially formulated to reach young people, the disadvantaged, unemployed and people dealing with challenges of work. E4S is a holistic and transformational intervention which supports participants to believe in themselves, as well as empower them with practical life & work skills that equips them to achieve their goals. We have reached over a 800 participants in 18months, from colleges, community groups and institutions, helping improve their self confidence and workability skills. Many have advanced into further educational training, started new employement or are more efficient in their current positions due to improved self belief and skill set.

Lead facilitators have over 40years experience between them in the people development sector. E4S programs have received very positive feedback reports and our services have established our place in the industry. 

We have over 70% success rate with participants who complete the programme. They get mentoring support to get into further educational training, paid employment or unpaid role in preparation for employment. These include customers from; YMCA, Jobcentres, Schools and local community groups. (See feedback page).

We improve on our services by listening to our participants, this allows us to continue to make distinctive and substantial impact on our participants and associates.

E4S programmes are delivered by highly qualified and experienced personnel, associates and mentors who are all DBS checked and certified members of CIPD, CMI and ILM – ( Professional bodies responsible for people development ).

Meet Our Team

MSc HR & Development (Co-founder / Head of Programs)

Laura Vasiliu

LLM ( Trustee & Mentor)

Tochi Irukwu

LLB ( Trustee & Mentor)

Chino Okeem

BSc (Trustee & Mentor)

Become a Mentor

Who is a Mentor;
A mentor is a someone who guides a less skilled person ( a mentee ) by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role must align with the needs of the mentee.

Mentoring is often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) supports another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the mentee’s professional and personal growth.Presently, most organizations recognize how effective it is in one’s professional & personal development to have a mentor in their lives especially for young people.

Participants will receive training support to become E4S Mentors, supporting young people to develop their confidence and employability skills, to get into work or start a business as well as develop the right attitude to stay in work or to take on the challenges of independent living.

Why become E4S skills mentor; ( Benefits )

  • The person is volunteering in order to express important values such as helping people or making a positive difference in their community.
  • The Person is seeking to learn new skills or develop unused ones.
  • The Person has the goal of gaining career-related experience through volunteering.
  • Volunteering allows the person to strengthen one’s social relationships.
  • The individual wants to improve their self confidence or to address personal issues.


"E4S program has been very beneficial to the groups. All participants gave positive feedback and I have started to see some very good outcomes with particular individuals in terms of improved confidence and more positive attitude, more self- belief is evident. Some of the participants have already found work and some have applied for vocational training.There is more positivity about future prospects and more focused goal setting. Overall the program helped us all to assess and reflect on our personal barriers, physically and psychologically as well as what is holding us back in both our professional and personal lives. It gave us the tools and techniques to help us overcome these barriers to lead more successful and fulfilling lives".
C. Benjafield
C. Benjafield
Resident Support Officer ( YMCA Milton Keynes)
"This process has meant a lot to me in terms of my personal development. From learning to renew my mind to how I am applying myself from a practical perspective - simply priceless. I am positive that what I have learnt will make a tremendous contribution to my life. I am very grateful for this program"
Laura V
Legal professional
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