E4S Workshops; Employability skills & Empowerment programme

  • Improving Self- esteem & Self – confidence.
  • Gain employability skills for employment / self-employment or to stay in-work.
  • Confidence to get into further educational training and achieve life goals.
  • Develop a positive attitude to work and a resilient mindset to progress.
  • Gain relevant skills needed to deal with the challenges of work and life.
  • And much more; Including mentoring sessions to monitor progress and for continuous improvement.

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Young people and schools

E4S Employability skills & Empowerment programme for Young People and Schools; (16+) Fun Interactive programme to prepare young people and A level students to best handle the challenges of life and work. The program offers Employability skills & Emotional Intelligence training; This includes building self-confidence and self-awareness that empower participants to overcome issues such as low self-belief, insecurities and suicidal tendencies, as well as curb negative actions such bullying, violence and knife crime. Workshops are tailored to suit individual or group requirements. CLICK TITLE to see e-flyer.

Unemployed/ Employed

Perfect program for mature people who want to get back into work, support if made redundant or want to start as self employed'. Sessions are tailored to suit your requirement. • Use drop down tabs for Workshops, Lessons and Employability menu. CLICK TITLE to see e-flyer.

Empowering Women

Project is aimed at empowering women (16 and over) by adapting a holistic approach that works from the inside out using our 4 'S' program - This is for anyone who wants to improve their self-confidence and learn practical skills to take on the challenges of life and work through learning, active participation and mentoring - Sessions are tailored to meet your requirements. CLICK TITLE to see Flyer.

Employability workshop

Employability & Empowerment Skills; Emotional intelligence; Confidence building, self-awareness & positive mind-set for work Practical work skills and Positive attitude to work. Setting goals and taking action forward Interview techniques with role play activities Positive personal impact and a confident presentation + Get guidance support to start self - employment and to stay in work. Following 5 weeks training, you will get mentoring support to advance into employment or self-employment, incl. In-work support. We have useful links for employment and work support. Sessions are tailored to meet your requirement. - CLICK TITLE to see E-flyer

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