What you permit will increase;

Whatever you permit in your life will increase – negative or positive. Likewise, what you refuse or resist will decrease.

It is important to deal with feelings of inferiority or low self esteem because this negative feeling will cause you to see yourself as less important than others, this affects your self perception and how you allow yourself to be treated. How you treat yourself will determine how most people will treat you. An Indian proverbs states;

‘ If you make yourself a bin, people will throw rubbish into you ‘

Developing a positive self -belief will generate the confidence that will enable you to treat yourself more positively and maintain a positive attitude.

Start by learning to think positively about yourself – Thoughts have a presence and will create around you the physical equivalence of how you perceive yourself,  for instance, If you think about yourself as respectable, you are more likely to behave respectably and draw to yourself the kind of people that will  treat you respectably. Same principle applies when you treat yourself disrespectfully.

4 key ways to get people to treat you respectfully;

  • Develop your self confidence and self belief – improve yourself and your skill-set.
  • Do not permit people to treat you disrespectfully – Address that immediately it happens.
  • If you treat yourself with dignity and respect – People are more likely to treat you the same way.
  • When you treat other people respectfully, they are more likely to respond to you accordingly.

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