Benefits of working;

Working is fundamental to our wellbeing and gives us a chance to use our gifts and skills to support our selves and others, thereby fulfilling our potential and purpose; Your work can be a job or working in your area purpose.

There is a difference between working a job (vocation);  and working in your area of purpose or passion;

Your area of purpose is usually something you care deeply about, enough to make a notable difference. This passion keeps you motivated and driven against all odds. While a job is often something you do just to earn a living or to make ends meet but not necessarily something you are passionate about. However, working at a job can be your path to get to your area of passion. Therefore your job is still beneficial if you have a plan of direction. 

In seeking to get into work, it is vital to identify what your strengths and passions are. Knowing this will help you plan your direction in work even when you have started in an area of vocation that you are not necessarily passionate about – This ensures you do not get stuck in this vocation and subsequently end up frustrated and unfulfilled.

What are the benefits of working;  

Working is beneficial, whether it is a paid job or a volunteering role. It gives you are chance to refine your skill or learn new useful ones in the area of your interest. Your charitable labour (volunteering) may not reward in cash, but rest assured it is always an investment to your future and often makes a way for you to progress into paid employment. Besides, it’s been proven that every chance you get to work is beneficial for your wellbeing. A wise proverb states ‘Every labour is for profit’. 

Benefits of working include;

  • Physical benefits; Physical well-being is enhanced when you work (paid or unpaid) as you are up and about and not idling away your time and life. You are more productive and physically fit, can refresh your abilities and develop your skills. 
  • Financial benefits; Working gives us financial stability. The ability to support ourselves and others if need be. 
  • Mental benefits; Working boosts your mental state of mind because you get to use your mind at work. 
  • Emotional benefits; Working improves your confidence and self-esteem because being in work gives you a sense of responsibility, self- respect and self- worth as you feel you are part of something beyond just you.

Most importantly, as you pursue a vocation paid or unpaid, strive to fulfil your purpose by identifying your core skills. Go for what you do best – You will be more fulfilled in work. Good luck!

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