Dress to impress for work;

Dressing to impress is not just about what you are wearing, but includes your overall personal image presentation; Continue reading..

Dressing to impress for work is not necessarily about dressing expensively, but rather, wearing clothing suitable for the work place. This includes looking tidy and confident with good personal hygiene and grooming. Make an effort to incorporate a bit of style that will make you stand out and reflect your personality.

The images reflect some business outfits for men and women, especially for work interviews or a corporate workplace.

To maintain the right impression at work, personnel should ensure clothes are ironed and smart. Men should stick to subtle colours (Unless role states otherwise). Also, coordinating colours of trousers, socks and shoes to work well together. Women should avoid very high heel shoes as they are uncomfortable and unsuitable for work. For women, tops that show a lot of cleavage can be distracting and transmit the wrong message within an office environment. Women should stick to proper business dress code to retain respect especially amongst their male colleagues.

Positive image reflects positive self esteem; |

A positive self image also reflects healthy self esteem:

Wearing a positive image indicates how you feel about yourself. When you are happy with yourself, you are more likely to make an attempt to look good and act positive, causing most people to respond accordingly. Whereas the opposite applies when you are reflecting a negative image or attitude. Your colleagues and customers sense this and you are likely to attract a corresponding attitude which in turn affects your outcomes.

The reason to dress right for work is not just to look good, but also helps you feel positive and more confident about yourself. Most importantly, this displays a positive representation for your work place.

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