Dress to impress for work;

Dressing to impress is not just about what you are wearing, but includes your overall personal image presentation; Continue reading.. Dressing to impress for work is not necessarily about dressing expensively, but rather, wearing clothing suitable for the work place. This includes looking tidy and confident with good personal hygiene and grooming. Make an effort […]

Positive Attitude at Work;

A positive Attitude at work is a vital key to success in the workplace. Keeping a positive attitude at work will make you enjoy your job, earn you a promotion and most importantly, keep you on track towards achieving your professional goals – The right attitude attracts new opportunities because more people are happy to […]

How to be confidently stylish;

Being stylish is an art. It takes time and patience, but most importantly practice and believing in your own uniqueness. You can appear stylish with or without designer wears. Your STYLE is a statement of who you are. It’s your personal signature and will make you appear CONFIDENT and very attractive if you wear your […]

E4S Confident Image & Positive Impact Event;

Building a Confident Image & Maintaining a Positive Impact E4S One Day Fun & Interactive event on how to Improve on Self -confidence and maintain a Positive Image /Impact for the Workplace (16years & Over ) Presentations will address how to improve your self-confidence and present a positive image for work; – Suitable Professional attire […]

Social intelligence – Communicating by Body language;

A key factor to honing your social intelligence is to learn how to communicate effectively not just with words but also by using positive body language. – Negative and Positive body language communication at the Workplace – Looking at the photograph, you can tell by observing her body language, when she appears unhappy or demotivated […]

Positive Attitude at Work;

Keeping a positive attitude is everything in the workplace – Your attitude will make the difference between keeping your job or losing your job. ” Your attitude determines your altitude “ A positive attitude will make you enjoy your job more, earn you a promotion and help you to achieve your goals for work. Tips […]

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