Benefits of mentoring;

Mentoring is a personal development procedure which empowers an individual (mentee) to improve their confidence and skill set, with an aim to achieve their goals while being supported by an experienced and more skilled individual (mentor). Mentor supporting Mentee to advance Benefits of mentoring;

Accessing your inner Happiness;

The things that give us true and lasting happiness come from within us – our thoughts, how we perceive our environment and the experiences we have will deliver to us their corresponding happiness or sadness as the fruit of our thoughts and attitude to our experience. Dan Gilbert states; ‘We have within us the capacity […]

Do not give up – You can achieve your goals;

Do not give up on your visions and goals – As the year 2016 advances,  it is not late to plan your way forward, determine to stay positive and focused. You can make it if you believe and persevere. “Fear will never lead you to a positive end. Go for your faith and believe in […]

Successful work/life balance;

Achieving success at work is incomplete if you are unable to balance the demands of your career with other aspects of your life. It is easy to get so preoccupied with making a success of your career that you neglect other areas that are also very important such as family life. Having a true successful […]

Power of VISION & Planning;

The Law of vision; If you can see it, you can achieve it! Having a vision will allow you to have a better perspective of what you want to achieve – It will give you something to aspire towards. Planning; Setting up a plan of how to achieve your vision will make the vision real […]

Spiritual Empowering; Renew Your Thoughts

For anything to happen in the physical it has to first happen in your imaginary world  – In your thoughts. Thoughts are things – They are just like seeds planted in your the mind / heart, when nurtured will grow into good or bad outcomes depending on what kind of seed you have been planting. […]

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