Benefits of mentoring;

Mentoring is a personal development procedure which empowers an individual (mentee) to improve their confidence and skill set, with an aim to achieve their goals while being supported by an experienced and more skilled individual (mentor).

Mentor supports Mentee to advance

Benefits of mentoring;

  • The mentee gets the support of a mentor to address personal or professional issues through formal or informal mentoring interventions – A mentor will guide and encourage a mentee to plan and take appropriate action that can move them forward, one step at a time towards a desired outcome.
  • A mentor experiences personal satisfaction through supporting the development of another person, with a chance to reflect on their ( the mentor ) practice and to identify areas that may need improvement as they progress.
  • The activity is usually of mutual benefit to both the mentor and the mentee. Often, It’s not just the mentee who learns a new skill, a mentor sometimes discover new ways to do certain things while supporting a mentee.

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