Your Dress Style & Personality

    It is important you identify your unique dress style – Your style reflects your personality. Understanding your natural dress style, will enable you to project a positive image, be more confident in who you are and therefore more charismatic. Your personality dictates your style  – Your dress Style is how you dress and your […]

Improve your Image & Style;

Walk your Style with Confidence; Your style will reflect your personality and the image you portray – Style is individuality and you can distinguish yourself by staying trendy but not let current fashion swamp your style and personality. A new year is a chance to upgrade and move to the next level – It is […]

Improve your Personal Grooming & Appearance;

Making a conscious effort to improve your personal grooming and to present your self well, will improve your self – confidence and earn you more respect  – Practicing good grooming and looking after yourself is a profitable investment, but It takes commitment and dedication. Below are some tips on how to improve your personal grooming […]

Making a Positive Statement with your Style

  Your style says a lot about who you are, It is unique to you and reflects your personality & class. Your style includes your dress sense, personal presentation & colour choices. The initial style statement you make about yourself  is often based on your choice of outfit, how you wear it and for what […]

Positive Image & Personal Presentation

Generally speaking, people form their first opinion of us based on our personal image & presentation…. If someone walks up to you in a public place for information or direction, you are more likely to respond better to the person who has a positive image & a good presentation than one who is scruffy and […]

How to make a positive impression;

You are more responsible for how people perceive you than anyone else – People form an opinion of us based on the opinion we have of ourselves. If you act as if you are nobody then people will respond back to you the same way. But when you believe and act as if you are […]

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