Social intelligence – Communicating by Body language;

A key factor to honing your social intelligence is to learn how to communicate effectively not just with words but also by using positive body language.

bodylanguage– Negative and Positive body language communication at the Workplace –

Looking at the photograph, you can tell by observing her body language, when she appears unhappy or demotivated (  negative and insecure ) and where she appears happy and excited ( Positive and more confident ) – Without any verbal communications, you can tell how she feels just by observing her body language.

Be clear about this, a greater percentage of your communication is conveyed through your body language and not necessarily by what you are saying.

” If you are not sure what someone is saying, trust their body to tell you the truth, rather than their words ”  Collins

Your body language reveals ones true thoughts and feelings, so if you become adept at reading body language, you will increase your social intelligence and improve your communication skills.

Some positive forms of body language include;

  • Smiling at people…..  ” A man without a smiling face must not open a shop” ( Chinese Proverb ) Learn to use your facial features positively as it is the focal point when you meet people -The face is the center of our non verbal communication.
  • Align positive words with positive gestures and attitude.
  • Use positive body language that makes you appear more confident, such as sitting or walking upright, back straight, shoulders back and chin up.

Remember, even in verbal communication, the tone of your voice and attitude will override and send a different meaning from what you are saying if your voice tone and action does not agree with your words – This is the power of communicating by body language.

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