Spiritual Empowering; Renew Your Thoughts

For anything to happen in the physical it has to first happen in your imaginary world  – In your thoughts.

Thoughts are things – They are just like seeds planted in your the mind / heart, when nurtured will grow into good or bad outcomes depending on what kind of seed you have been planting.

 “My mind is a garden, my thoughts are seeds, my harvest will be either flowers or weeds”    Mel Weldon

Negative thoughts stem from fear while positive thoughts stem from faith – Faith ( or Hope ) is  productive and will overcome fear always. Renew your thoughts from fear to hope EVERYDAY.

Ways to Renew your thoughts;

1. Reverse negative feeling instantly by replacing them with more positive ones – Make a conscious effort everyday to switch from self defeating thoughts or feelings to more positive ones. This may seem difficult at first, but the more you do this the easier it gets.

2. Learn to focus your thoughts more on what you want and not what you do not want or what could go wrong – Use your imagination to picture more positive outcomes rather than negative ones – You have got nothing to lose but your worry and stress. More importantly, a positive imagination is more likely to get you a positive outcome.

3. You must constantly take control of your thoughts – You have the power within you to determine what you allow or disallow into your mind or thoughts. Place a ‘ No Trespassing ‘ sign on your heart and mind, shut your mind door to negative fearful thoughts, replace them with more positive life giving thoughts and mind pictures.

When you realize that what you are thinking consistently, you will eventually attract, you will make every effort to renew your thought process to focus on more positive / pleasant thoughts and not negative destructive thoughts.   


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