Positive Attitude at Work;

A positive Attitude at work is a vital key to success in the workplace.

Keeping a positive attitude at work will make you enjoy your job, earn you a promotion and most importantly, keep you on track towards achieving your professional goals – The right attitude attracts new opportunities because more people are happy to work with you. As the proverbial statement goes; ‘Your attitude determines your altitude’


7 ways to keep a Positive Attitude at work;

7 ways to keep a Positive Attitude for Work;

  • Be prepared and determined to enjoy your job no matter what; This may not be your ideal job, but an attitude of gratitude towards your job will empower you to enjoy it and do the best you can with what you have while you prepare yourself for your ideal job.
  • Strive to keep a positive image presentation in line with workplace dress code and etiquette; Dressing to present yourself positively will make you appear more respectable. You will also create a positive impression for your organisation.
  • Be teachable and transparent in your work ethics; No matter your position, there is always something new to learn especially when you are new to the job. An attitude of arrogance or ‘know it all’ can be annoying and may have a negative effect on team relationship if overdone – This attitude may cause people to alienate you rather than respect you. You can display confidence and skill in your work practices, but remain humble and open to new ideas and learning.
  • Deal with problems quickly and effectively; Handle problems maturely. Avoid workplace gossip and complaining. 
  • Be a good team player; Treat people with the kind of respect you wish to be treated with. 
  • Set goals and stay focused while you work towards achieving your goals; Do the work with a sense of focus and commitment even when no one is watching or supervising you. The principle of Labour is that ‘Every labour is for profit’ (Proverbs 14.23). As with earning loyalty points for shopping, life (Not  necessarily your boss) will definitely reward you for every thing you put into it. Therefore, beware what you are putting in because that is what you will withdraw in due time. Guaranteed!
  • Most importantly, keep a positive mental attitude (mind set); Try to separate work and family life so you can achieve a good work life balance. Endeavour to deal with family issues outside work or at home if possible. In any case, keep a resilient and optimistic mind-set and attitude to the challenges that occur at work. Things usually work out positively. 

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