Good Leadership in the Workplace;

Good leadership:  True leaders are usually good leaders as they lead from a heart of service – True leadership is more about giving than taking and serving than being served;

The trait of a true leader is reflected by their attitude to service and setting positive examples even when it is the most difficult thing to do. They lead by doing – This is a key purpose in leadership.

‘To forget ones purpose is the commonest form of stupidity’ Friedrich N


Traits of good leadership; 

  • A true leader has integrity, strength of character, strong will and courage to move people forward.
  • He must have a vision and an action plan: He has to create and articulate his vision clearly to the team.
  • He should have the ability to build a structured support system to reach the actualization of this vision. This may include using workable incentives such as reward systems for his employees.
  • A good leader should be willing to support his people and motivate them to be the best they can be.
  • In actualizing his purpose, he focuses on serving his organisation as well as the wider society.
  • He exhibits high levels of Emotional Intelligence; This involves the following –
    • Self awareness – Confident awareness of his strengths and how to use this positively while supporting others to bridge areas where he is not so competent.
    • He is self – motivated and driven and will empathize with people who are challenged.
    • Good social skills and effective people management, i.e being a good listener and having the ability to resolve conflicts positively. 

     ‘ It is vital for business leaders to have high levels of emotional intelligence’ Leadership Journal 2019

Strong leaders are confident enough to delegate tasks, while keeping track of key issues within the sector. This affords them the ability to make informed decisions when needed.


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