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 ‘ The badly dressed woman, people remember their clothes. With a well dressed woman, people remember the woman. ‘  Coco Chanel

Managing your image and appearance is a key part of your personality – According to colour me beautiful, one of the key things that reflect a positive image is to use colours that complement your personality & style. Colours will always be a central theme in developing a positive image.


Wearing or using the right colours for yourself can affect your looks, behaviour and emotions. It is important therefore to ensure that your colours ( clothing, makeup, accessories, personal space etc ) enhance your natural looks and energies. No two people have exactly the same colouring or personality.

Components of Colour – Every colour has a positive and negative quality;

The colours you choose say a lot about who you  are and what you like.  Most times, we instinctivly choose the colours we need but with some support we can balance these colours to our benefit. For instance choosing a red colour could present someone as being  aggressive or assertive and confident. Whereas choosing a blue colour could present an aloof or shy personality type. Black colour can portray an air of leadership and control. Colours could be toned down or up depending on who is using it and the occasion.

When you wear the right colours for you, the positive qualities of the colour will work with your natural energies to make you look good and feel good. Whereas the wrong colours will make you look washed and tired. This applies to clothing, makeup etc.

Colours could also be used for healing if you know the right colours to use. For instance you may use red colours if you need energy or a confidence booster. This applies also to the colours you surround yourself with, but it is equally important that the colours you live with support you physically as well as emotionally, spiritually, mentally. The colours you live with should truly reflect who you are as well as achieve the desired effect you require. This encourages your inner peace and well-being.

Find the colours that work best for you and use them to your advantage.

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