Body Language – Face & Eyes;

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Body language is a non verbal communication and a core aspect of the communication process. It is a window into what is going on in our minds even when we are not using words 

The face is the center of our non verbal communication while the focal point of the face and the body are the eyes.

The eyes are the most expressive and important means of body language – You can use them to express or convey your thoughts and emotions without using any words.

The photos above express different emotions just by the way the face changes – The eyes and facial expressions above convey the following emotions; happiness, surprise, attraction and fear. You can tell by looking at the different expressions what she is conveying.

You can also use your eyes & face to show affection, disgust, approval etc, but you must be careful not to convey a different message from what you intended. A useful way to improve your facial non verbal language is to try standing in front of the mirror, make different expressions to convey different emotions and then decide if your look conveys the message you had in mind.

Understanding how to use body language correctly will enable you to make the right impressions always, personally and professionally. First impressions are formed within only about 10mins of you meeting someone- Make it count x

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