Improve your Image & Style;

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Walk your Style with Confidence;

Your style will reflect your personality and the image you portray – Style is individuality and you can distinguish yourself by staying trendy but not let current fashion swamp your style and personality.

A new year is a chance to upgrade and move to the next level – It is a good time to evaluate your current  image presentation and improve on your style sense. This will boost your confidence level and get you ready for a successful year ahead.

Components of Positive Image and Style:

  • Choose the outfit that best suits and compliments your body type and colour type
  • Ensure the outfit looks clean and tidy especially for a special or formal occasions.
  • Choose the right outfit to suit the occasion i.e professional or social.
  • Make the outfit your own style by adding a personal feature to it – an accessory such as a neck scarf etc.
  • Wear the appropriate style & colour of shoes to go with your outfit and the occasion.
  • Ensure you are well groomed and tidy – No good wearing nice clothing with unkempt hair or tacky fingernails.
  • Keep hair & face nice & tidy, moisturize your skin to avoid looking dry or pale, use deodorant, wear a subtle body spray or /and fragrance.
  • Lastly, carry yourself with an air of confidence and poise. Believe in yourself  – You can pull off most styles when you appear confident.

As you get into the new year, remember, a positive Image & Style is a vital key to success. Invest on improving your personal style and image presentation in the new year – it will earn you more respect and give you a good edge to success in both your professional and social relations.


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