Manners & Decorum; Dining Etiquette Tips.

People with good manners & decorum who know how to be polite, considerate and tolerant will have survival skills and are more likely to be accepted wherever they go because they are always well cultured & civilized.

Having good manners & decorum means being well behaved not just for when you are around certain people but includes your general presentation in society. The more civilized your behaviour & standard of personal presentation is, the more respectable you will appear – This covers every sphere of life.

Below are some useful tips on good Dining Etiquette:- It includes the following Dos & Don’ts;

  • When dinning with people, Do avoid talking with your mouth full. Take small bites and you will find its easier to join in the table talk without a mouth full of food and Do not chew with your mouth open.
  • Do swallow your food before you take a sip of your beverage.
  • Do butter your bread on your plate not in midair.
  • Do remove an object  ( such as a little bone from your mouth ) with your thumb & index finger and place it on the rim of the plate. If it is something bigger, use your napkin and cover your mouth gently as you remove it – Never spit food into your hands or your napkin.
  • Do not overload your plate while serving or your fork in eating.
  • Do not mop your face with your napkin
  • Do not pick  or blow your nose at the table
  • When you have finished eating, Do remember to leave both handles of the fork and knife in the 4o’clock position.
  • Lastly, Do not forget to say ‘ Please ‘ and ‘ Thank you ‘ when necessary.

Look out for more tips on good manners & acceptable decorum for business, socials and relationships.

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