Improve your Personal Grooming & Appearance;

Making a conscious effort to improve your personal grooming and to present your self well, will improve your self – confidence and earn you more respect  – Practicing good grooming and looking after yourself is a profitable investment, but It takes commitment and dedication.

Below are some tips on how to improve your personal grooming and appearance;

Dress neatly:  Clothing doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be laundered and in good repair, ensure that shoes and accessories are suitable and well presented – Showing that you care about how you look is a respectable attribute.

The head ( face & Hair )  is the focal point during contact – Keep well groomed;

  • Clean face, clean teeth, fresh breath and a good smile can go a long way.
  • Tidy hair ( includes well groomed facial hair )
  • Bright eyes – Gently massaging either side of the bridge of your nose every morning can reduce eye puffiness and brighten your eyes.
  • Moisturize face and apply light make-up for daytime – Note; Do not drag the skin around your eyes down when applying or removing cosmetics – This can cause sagging & wrinkles.

Personal Hygiene: To avoid offensive body odour, always get a good wash and freshen up often especially during the summer months – Use a suitable antiperspirant / deodorant. Also wearing a good fragrance is always refreshing.

Rest well & Eat Healthy: Look after yourself and improve your general well being by getting enough sleep and eating healthy. Your face and skin will glow and look happier.

Keep your language clean and act respectably: A good attitude and a positive manner of speech will make you appear more civilized as well as attract a more positive response from others.

Stand Tall: A confident body language is important even if you are not feeling very confident. Do not let a sloppy posture ruin all your hard work – Stand up tall, chin up, smile and make eye contact ( If necessary ), you will look and feel more confident.

Finally be yourself: Don’t just join in with the latest craze just because people may be following a popular style. Be yourself by making your own choices but keep it decent, age appropriate and respectable, this will earn you more  respect from others. x

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