Improve Your Skill Set;


Improving your skill set is one sure way to increase your self – confidence as well as make yourself more employable.

If you desire to move up in life or career, you must invest in improving your skills and keeping your knowledge up-to-date;

  • You should first determine specific areas you need to improve on, plan – set achievable goals & targets.
  • Look for resources and opportunities for training / personal development ( free or funded ) in these categories. e.g local organisations, accredited institutions, evening courses, online courses etc.
  • Speak to a specialist in your area of interest about how best to proceed.
  • If possible, find a mentor ( Someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in this area ) that can guide & encourage you.
  • Do an apprenticeship or volunteer your time for free to a local organization where you can upgrade & hone your skills – You often get useful recommendations for your future career from such opportunities.

 Another important skill to consider improving on if you are looking to change career or upgrade your job, is your interview skills – This will significantly increase your chances of getting a job or new business opportunity.

  • Do your research properly before the interview – have a good understanding of the profession you wish to go into as well as any company you are applying to – You will impress an employer by showing you have a good grasp on these subjects.
  • Before the interview, rehearse mentally & physically with possible interview questions  – Picture a positive outcome.
  • Remember to keep a positive attitude and a positive body language during the interview – No fidgeting or shuffling – Act confidently, relax, smile, make eye contact and answer your questions as positively as possible.
  • Most importantly, Show enthusiasm ( not aggression) – Stress on what you can offer the organisation more than what you can gain from the organisation.

Finally, Remember that learning and improving your self is a life long journey if you want to achieve success  – You must continue to upgrade and improve on your skill set. x

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