Making a Positive Statement with your Style

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Your style says a lot about who you are, It is unique to you and reflects your personality & class.

Your style includes your dress sense, personal presentation & colour choices. The initial style statement you make about yourself  is often based on your choice of outfit, how you wear it and for what occasion.

To make a positive style statement, you must choose your outfit carefully, ensure it is appropriate, tidy and reflects your uniqueness.

Tips on making a positive statement with your style;

  • Choose the outfit that best suits and compliments your body type.
  • Ensure the outfit looks clean and tidy especially for a special or formal occasions.
  • Choose the colours that best compliment you and is most suitable for the occasion i.e professional or social.
  • Make the outfit your own by adding a personal feature to it i.e a special accessory such as a neck scarf etc.
  • Wear the appropriate style & colour of shoes to go with your outfit and the occasion.
  • Ensure you are well groomed and tidy yourself.  ( No point wearing nice clothing with unkempt hair, fingernails or body odour ) Keep hair tidy &  fingernails clean, moisturize your skin to avoid looking dry or pale, use deodorant and wear a subtle body spray / fragrance.
  • Lastly, Put some spring in your steps – walk with an air of confidence and poise.

Do not take this for granted. Invest on improving your personal style and presentation – it will earn you more respect and give you a better edge on success in both your professional and social relations. Good luck x

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