Positive Image & Personal Presentation

Generally speaking, people form their first opinion of us based on our personal image & presentation….

If someone walks up to you in a public place for information or direction, you are more likely to respond better to the person who has a positive image & a good presentation than one who is scruffy and poorly presented – In the same context,  presenting a positive image will give you a better chance at success than a negative image.

What is a positive image & personal presentation?

One cannot describe a positive image effectively without highlighting what a negative image is –  A negative image represents having a poor self image and an unsatisfactory personal presentation. i.e  looking untidy, sloppy, poorly dressed and sometimes ill behaved ….

A positive image is exactly the opposite of this and includes the following; Positive image & Presentation, Positive Self esteem & attitude.

Positive image & presentation has everything to do with your personal image presentation ; Dressing for the occasion and looking the part of a confident person – Not necessarily the most expensive but tidy, ( Make an effort to dress well and incorporate a bit of style that will make you stand out ) with good personal hygiene and grooming.

Positive Self esteem & attitude: To have a positive image, it helps to have a healthy self esteem & attitude; This reflects how you feel about yourself – When you are happy with yourself, you act positively and  most people will respond positively too….

Keep a positive attitude and body language; Walk tall & act confidently – shoulders upright & head held up, make eye contact and smile when you meet people. Having a healthy self esteem & attitude affects your whole personality.

With a positive image, you will always make a good first impression – Make that first impression a positive one and make it count. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. xx


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