Building Better Relationships;

People are our most important assets – Building better and more positive relationships with family, friends, colleagues & loved ones, is one sure way to move forward and to live a more fulfilled life.

Tips on how to build more positive relationships;

  • Strive to be content within yourself before you go into a relationship; People who are happier within themselves nurture more positive & longer relationships because they do not get into a relationship with the expectation of wanting someone else to make them happy but how they can give positively to the relationship – The pressure on the relationship is reduced and there is a good chance for a much healthier relationship.
  • Treat people with respect; Appreciate and encourage people, pay honest compliments when you have to and give only constructive criticisms and not destructive ones.
  • Be assertive – Encourage people to treat you with respect and not trample all over you – People will show more respect to those who will not permit others treat them disrespectfully – Act confidently and not like a victim, Be aware of your non-verbal signs or body Language i.e posture, expressions & movement.
  • How do you leave people after they had been with you? Do they feel good or deflated in confidence and energy? Ensure that you do not make people feel deflated when they have been around you. Likewise, stay away from anyone who makes you feel deflated in energy & confidence.

In concluding, remember to keep a positive attitude as well as a positive mind set towards your relationships. People will pick up what you are transmitting and respond accordingly – Positive or negative energy i.e warm & amiable or cold & distant.

Enjoy healthier relationships x

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