Discover your purpose;

‘Until purpose is discovered, existence has little or no meaning’

Finding your purpose and developing it will enable you to have a sense of fulfilment and the motivation to get up everyday with an understanding that you are heading somewhere.

Every new year gives us the chance to make new resolutions – set new goals and plan way forward. The most effective way to do this is by writing out your goals and visions clearly ( what you really want to do & not what someone else wants you to do). This is the first step to discovering your purpose.  As this scriptural  principle clearly states;

‘ Write down the vision and make it plain’ 

A study by a Harvard professor revealed that having a clear perspective of ones goals and visions is the most accurate way to ensure you are moving forward and making right choices everyday to reach your goals. Writing your goals & visions clearly and taking focused action is so much more important towards achieving your purpose than your, background, race and so on. Do not be afraid to pursue your God given talents and gifts no matter your circumstance – You have what it takes in you to succeed if you believe and not give up.

Tips to know when you have found your purpose:

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