Meditation – Refreshing yourself from within.

Meditation is a form of deep relaxation used to de-stress ourselves from everyday stress. Its benefits to our looks and well being has been widely acknowledged – Its an instant beautifier from the inside out!

Benefits of meditation: Every day rushing around, anxieties and worries do take a toll on us. Psychologist professor Gary Cooper named it ‘Worry Hurry sickness’. This restless condition drains your mind as much as it strains your body. It can even cause lack of sleep which comes with its own ton of health problems. Beauty wise – when you are stressed out and restless it affects your looks hugely – your skin looks pale and dry, you are prone to wrinkles and dull redish eyes, make-up hardly blends in well, shoulders are hunched-you seem to lose your composure & control. 

Meditation can help you deal with these problems. It is a free instant booster and beautifier which you can use anytime. It refreshes you from within by relaxing your body and mind – giving you a chance to revive yourself from the inside out.

How to Meditate: Meditation is a form of deep relaxation that can be done for a short or long period depending on how much time you care to put in. ( can be between  60secs – 60mins ). This type of meditation does not involve chanting or incantations. It is a time of quiet within yourself, reconnecting with your Maker to draw strength & inspiration ( A bit like re-charging your phone ). You take control of your mind and decongest your mind of stressful negative thoughts, enabling you open up your inner self to receive more positive and refreshing thoughts. This should be done everyday -Once you become accustomed to it you find it gets easier – no matter where you are you will be able to find that place of quiet within you to recharge yourself. 

For best results lie or sit comfortably in the quiet, relax your body completely and shut your eyes to zone out any outward distractions.  Shut your mind from all the inner chattering – remember you should take control of your mind not the other way round.   The bible states:   Meditate within your heart on your bed and be still ( Psm 4:4 ).

Begin by deliberately emptying your mind & body of negative thoughts and toxins – Breath in deeply, hold and breath out consciously releasing all the stress and toxins from your system as you exhale ( Do this 3-5times). After this begin to visualise the beautiful and positive things in your life or that which you are hoping for. By applying the power of faith see your self already where you want to be i.e healthy, happy, beautiful, receiving that award etc.

‘ …. whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any virtue and anything praise worthy – meditate on these…’Phil 4:8

Meditation is a recharger, an instant antidote for stress and worry and can be used when you feel low or need to make a difficult decision. It is a quick pick up that heals from the inside out leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. TRY IT TODAY!!

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