Steps to overcome fear (& anxiety)

Fear is a prominent factor that acts as a barrier or stops people completely from stepping out of their comfort zone to become the best they can or to achieve their dreams.

Fear is a negative feeling ( Unlike caution which could be positive ) – Fear takes away your peace of mind and will usually start with small anxiety attacks which once you dwell on long enough will mature to full blown fear and then sometimes into panic attacks which could become fatal if you permit it – Remember, you have the power within you to master fear and take control of your life.

The first place to start in dealing with fear include the following:

Courage: Boldness or courage is the first antidote to fear – it is said to be a resistance to fear not an absence of fear. Courage is a positive attribute only when used to do good and not to do wrong or to commit a crime ( Whatever you are brave enough to invest your time and energy into is what life will hand to you in return good or bad ).

Having courage is to feel the fear but to confront it anyway, and not allow it stop you from pushing forward to achieve your dreams. As Susan Jeffers, a self help expert rightly states ‘Pushing through fear is less frightening (and more productive) than living with it’  The choice is yours.

If you feel positive about an action and have the right skills, take a bold step, confront your fears and push forward. You will discover things are not as scary as they seem. Note this acronym for FEAR: F-false. E-evidence. A-appearing. R-real. Together with having the courage to achieve your objectives, you need to acquire the right skills which takes us to the next step.

Improve your skill set: Being fearful or anxious about what you want to do could also stem from not having the right skill or tools to achieve your aim. You are never too old to acquire new skills, training or to do whatever it takes to give you the confidence & courage to move forward in life and closer to your dreams. Do not be afraid to get the help and support you need if you have to.

Believe in yourself: Above all have faith, believe in yourself and believe in your maker -You are an original blueprint and have been crafted by a master creator who made all things beautiful such as flowers, colors and seasons of the year which work with such timely precision that does not fail. We are part of this whole creation. ( Think about this ) If seasons without our help can work so well why will you not believe that you will do well if you try and overcome your fears.

If you believe you can overcome your fears to achieve that positive thing you want, put some action to it, then nature will work with you to achieve this purpose. You will only fail because you were too afraid to step out or because you gave up. Failure is a learning process towards your success.  Remember; Success is a journey not a destination  failure could only be a path on that journey!  GOOD LUCK xx

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