Communication:- Verbal, body language, image

For communication to be effective what you are saying must match your attitude & presentation – All the elements of communication must work together: Such as

-What you are saying & how you say it ( i.e voice tone), Your body language & image presentation. Get feedback to ensure communication is complete & effective.

Research has revealed that up to 90% of our communication has more to do with our body language & personal presentation while what we say make up for less than only 10% of your communication. It is vital therefore that our body language and attitude is communicating the same thing as what we are saying to avoid any break in communication.

For instance, what you are saying has to be said with the right voice tone and attitude depending on who you are speaking to. Also your posture – how you position your body, the angle of your back, torso and how relaxed you are, communicates your personality and level of confidence, as well as create an impression about you.

The face is center of our nonverbal communication and the focal point of the face are the eyes and so you must make the right eye contact and facial expressions during communication. Other key aspects of your body language include your sitting positions, handshake & hand movements etc.

Another important aspect of communication is dressing with intent – Your personality and the image you present say a lot about you even before you speak. Presenting the right image and dressing appropriately for the occasion will create the right impression.

Lastly, always confirm that what you wish to communication has been received effectively by asking for feedback from the other party. This will give you a chance to bridge any gaps or sort anything not communicated properly.

Remember – good communication is the life source of every relationship and includes what you say, your attitude and presentation. Positive communication equals positive results and success. Good luck x

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