How to make a positive impression;

You are more responsible for how people perceive you than anyone else – People form an opinion of us based on the opinion we have of ourselves. If you act as if you are nobody then people will respond back to you the same way. But when you believe and act as if you are somebody, the world will have no choice but to treat you accordingly.

To make a positive impression, you must address your Self image, Self esteem, Self worth.

Self image has everything to do with your personal presentation ; Dressing for the occasion and looking the part of a confident person (Make an effort to dress well and incorporate a bit of style that will make you stand out in a positive way) with good personal hygiene, good manners and posture – walk tall with shoulders upright & head held up.

Self esteem is the mental picture you have of yourself –  reflects your feelings and thoughts about yourself. If you like yourself, people will like you. Develop a strong sense of purpose and create a positive picture of yourself. Walk confidently with a purpose, make eye contact and smile when you meet people – people with low self esteem always bow their heads and cannot make eye contact. Get support to improve your self esteem – It affects the core of your whole personality.

Self worth – The value you place on yourself will determine your behaviour or attitude towards people and how they respond – Be positive, believe in yourself and believe you deserve good experience and outcomes. Also show genuine interest in other people. If you are on good terms with yourself, you will be on good terms with others and will tend to treat people better. While you must be accommodating of other peoples opinion – being honest about your own opinion will make you stand out from people who simply nod along.

Always strive to make a positive impression -make that first impression a good one and make it count. It is said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Good luck xx

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