How to influence people positively:

One sure way to succeed in life is to acquire the skill of getting on well with people;

People naturally crave to satisfy their starved ego and so will gravitate towards anyone who helps them satisfy their ego and make them feel good about themselves.

” I found that the best way to get someone to acquire a virtue is to impute it to them”     Winston Churchill.

Satisfied ego can help people deal with low self esteem issues and so empower them to respond more positively towards others – Treat people positively and they are more likely to respond positively towards you and others. Simple tips include;

  • Avoid making sarcastic, cutting remarks at others or always trying to win arguments. You will come through as one with an attitude of know it all – this can be annoying to people and make them respond badly towards you.
  • Do not go about sharing all your troubles and suffering in public – this attitude will not make you a hero but a bore and people tend to avoid such a person.
  • Let your body language reflect a positive attitude towards others because they sense when your body language is negative and will respond likewise towards you – such as your facial expressions, eye contacts etc
  • Your negative or positive thoughts towards others and your self will certainly generate a matching energy ( like will attract like ) and influence the response that comes back to you. Think good about yourself, think good about people – It reflects in your actions.

Lastly, An important aspect of being able to get on with people positively is to have the ability to forgive people who have wronged you. When you are unforgiving, you make yourself a victim of the oppressor and give them the power to control your life. For instance not forgiving a father who treated you badly may make you treat men in your life badly too. Forgiving them will break that negative power over you and give you the freedom to get on well with other people – learn to forgive and release yourself to better relationships.

Remember, You cannot please everyone but be positive in your attitude towards people, even correcting people can be constructive and not destructive. Try and find the good in people around you, it makes it easier to influence them positively. xx

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