Visual – What you feed your eyes & mind.

What you are looking at often or focusing on will inform and feed your mind & thoughts which in turn will influence your decisions, personality & life goals.

It is said that your eyes are mirrors to your soul, this is because what you look at a lot or focus on, you tend to gravitate towards and this will usually influence your decisions & personality. This could be the kind of  books you read, movies you watch, people you spend time with etc. Advertising was founded on this powerful principle.

For instance, those pornographic clips you watch in secret and assume you are not hurting anyone, will hurt you eventually by gradually consuming your thoughts which will inturn drive you to act it out – promiscuity.  Just as spending a lot of time looking at and listening to clips on healthy living, for instance, will influence your life style and eating habits for better – Its that simple.

” The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good your whole body will be full of light, but if your eyes are bad your body will be full of darkness. “  Book of Matthew 6:22

Your eyes enlighten your mind, body and soul. What you feed them will determine what direction your life will take. Just as you would rather not eat anything harmful, why should you feed your eyes with harmful visuals.

Make an informed decision today to use your eyes to your advantage. Spend more time looking at and enlightening yourself with more positive things you want to achieve and Planting bold positive pictures of success in your mind not negative junk that darkens ( misguides & confuses ) the mind – Remember the adage;

‘ The mind is a terrible thing to waste’  Why waste your mind by downloading junk into it. The decision is yours.  xxx

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