Core components of self-confidence;

Confidence is not necessarily about feeling good inside though this helps, but it is about having a self awareness and faith in yourself and your God given ability to perform well and succeed against all odds. Even when you are feeling anxious and doubtful inside you can plug in with an understanding of this innate ability, step up and amaze yourself.

Self -confidence is in 2 categories: Outward and Inward confidence:

Outward confidence includes;

  1. Outward appearances i.e acting confidently through your composure and posture. Looking confident and tidy – Dressing well, being clean and well groomed not tacky or untidy. Includes keeping your personal space tidy as well. These will enable you appear confident and make positive impressions.
  2. Good communication skills – Speaking out confidently, articulately and clearly. Also being a good listener and knowing when not to speak but just listen and shut your mouth.
  3. Rejecting manipulation and bullying: Being able to assert oneself when need be, calmly but firmly without appearing haughty and disrespectful. Having self confidence also means you should not be a bully yourself because you know that you do not have to bully people to earn their respect.
  4. Good manners – Being well mannered and polite. Not a perfectionist, but having acceptable good manners that gives you the extra edge and confidence wherever you are because when you do not know what to do you tend to fumble.
  5. Staying healthy and keeping fit: Doing everything you can to ensure you stay healthy and get enough exercise. When you respect your body it works better, you are healthier, happier and more confident.

 Inward confidence includes:

  1. Self awareness : Knowing ones self and abilities – Discovering what you do best and being the best you can doing it.
  2. Being passionate and self motivated: Having a clear goal and a sense of purpose this keeps you enthusiastic and motivated to carry on daily against all odds. ( Goals must be written out for clarity and focus )
  3. Positive thoughts and attitude: Keeping a positive mindset and being optimistic where you are currently while you aspire for better.  When you speak positively, think positively and keep a positive attitude, things always work out better. ( Read November, December and Febuary articles on positive feeling and power of positive words )
  4. Always willing to learn and develop yourself:  Failing is a learning process if you do not quit and try again, you tend to do things better the next time. Fear of failing should not stop you from stretching yourself to learn or improve.

If you are confident, you are likely to have a lot of these qualities mentioned above. People tend to form their opinion on how confident you are based on your outward appearance and behaviour, but you know exactly what you feel inwardly and what areas you need to work on.

Find out where you are stuck, take a bold step and get support to work on those areas, be consistent but give your self enough time to improve and watch your self blossom with time – It could be easier than you think. like the natural stages of the butterfly it is already in you. GOOD LUCK xxx

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