Communication – Managing Change at Work;


Effective communication is a vital tool to achieving positive change in the workplace –

Communication is the life force of every relationship (including working relationships), and an essential life skill for anyone who wants to progress or succeed at work, therefore positive communication at the workplace equals positive results and success – One of the worse situations at work is to have someone in charge who is vague at giving instructions or communicating to the staff or customers.

Change is the only thing that is constant in every organisation. To remain relevant in your field, businesses must keep evolving and changing for better. Setting new goals continually will stop you becoming stagnant and complacent – Change cannot just be allowed to happen in a company, it needs to be strategically planned, managed and communicated effectively to achieve the expected outcome.

Effective communication skills can be an agent for consistent positive change at the workplace – Tips to communicate effectively at work include;

  • Clarity: Be clear about what you want to achieve and how to proceed so you can communicate it effectively.
  • Speak the language the listener or team will understand.
  • Ensure you are communicating effectively by always requesting feedback.

In managing change at work, lines of communication must remain open and effective between team or stakeholders until desired change is achieved.

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