Spiritual Empowering – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is making a deliberate effort or decision to pardon or cancel someones unkind action towards you – To write off a perceived debt or make a choice to let go of the hurt so you can move forward.


Benefits of forgiveness;

  • Forgiveness is an important path to achieving success; When you forgive, you lighten your burden and relieve yourself of those negative thoughts of bitterness and revenge which had taken up a lot of your thoughts, leaving your mind free to explore and discover more positive and creative things.
  • Forgiveness is key to unlock your potential for greatness, whereas unforgiveness will block and diminish your capacity for vision and advancement.
  • Forgiveness will stop the bitterness toxins within you which maybe causing you a lot of health issues – You become less burdened and healthier once you choose to forgive.

When you choose to forgive, You choose freedom. Do it for yourself  – Let go, choose to forgive!



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