Spiritual Empowering – Prayer

Man is made up of Spirit, Soul and Body – The Spirit of man is the most powerful of these 3 and can be empowered to affect the other 2 ( Soul & body ) either negatively ( for evil ) or positively ( for good ). Unfortunately most people neglect this most vital aspect of man ( The Spirit ) or even empower it negatively out of ignorance.

Spiritual Empowering:- Your mind controls matter, Your body and brain are designed to do the will of your mind while the mind is designed to do the will of your spiritA positively empowered spirit will result in a positively empowered personality.

Ways to empower yourself spiritually include; Prayer and keeping a Heart of Gratitude….


Prayer is an act that seeks to connect and activate a rapport with God through deliberate communication. It may be either individual or communal and takes place in public or in private. It may involve the use of words, songs or a quiet meditation.

It is also a reverent petition made to God or your Creator humbly seeking answers or help for a situation which is seemingly challenging or beyond your control.

Prayer helps you keep a grateful heart; During a time of true prayer and meditation you are in touch with your spirit – you are humble, vulnerable and submitting. An effective way to prayer is to start by expressing gratitude for the good things in your life ( even the simplest things such as family, friends, freedom etc ). Always retaining a heart of gratitude is spiritually empowering.

An effective prayer time will empower you spiritually – sometimes with answers, ideas or much needed peace in the midst of your circumstance – The more you Empower your spirit self positively, the more positively your body and mind will respond to life and its challenges – The better your chances of success  x

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