The Power of Attentive Listening;

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 Attentive listening = Effective conversation

Although listening is the other side of a conversation, being a good listener is actually the core of an effective conversation.

Ways to listen and communicate effectively include the following;

– Make eye contact:
You show you are interested in the conversation and actually listening when you are looking at the person speaking to you.

– Keep a positive body language i.e nodding and responding empathetically to the speaker.

– Do not cut into another person’s statement:
Try not to cut into the other persons statement without letting them finish. It would seem you really do not care about what they are    saying but rather more concerned about what you have to say. It is important you give them time to complete what they are saying before you speak.

– Repeat for clarification:
When it is an instruction or information, be sure to repeat what you have heard to ensure there is no break in communication

When you listen attentively, you are likely to hear everything including the unspoken words, body language and emotions, you will therefore respond more effectively. Also by listening actively, you encourage the speaker to say everything they have in mind ( especially in intimate or family relationships ) because they feel you care. Then you are more likely to respond effectively. This makes you a better communicator.

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