Renew Your Mind & Thoughts;

What you are focusing on you will eventually attract. It cannot be otherwise – It takes only 16 seconds to link up your thought vibrations to whatever you are focusing on  and begin to draw them into your life ( Success or failure ).

You can start to replace negative thought patterns with more positive ones today ( one step at a time ), by knowingly renewing your mind to attract positive occurrences and success into your life – This maybe one of the hardest things you have to do if you are used to negative thinking, but the life changing benefit for you makes it worth while and it gets easier as you progress;

1. Reverse negative feeling instantly by replacing them with more positive ones – Switch from self defeating thoughts /feelings to more positive ones.

2. Learn to focus your thoughts more on what you want and not what could go wrong or what you do not want – Use your imagination to picture more positive occurrences rather than negative ones.

3. You must constantly take control of your thoughts – You have the power within you to determine what you allow or disallow into your mind or thoughts.

      ‘Guard your heart ( Thoughts ) with vigilance, for it determines the course of your life’   The Bible

When you realize that what you are thinking you will eventually attract or become, you will make every effort to focus on more pleasant and positive thoughts.   


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