Your Dress Style & Personality

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It is important you identify your unique dress style – Your style reflects your personality. Understanding your natural dress style, will enable you to project a positive image, be more confident in who you are and therefore more charismatic.

Your personality dictates your style  – Your dress Style is how you dress and your interpretation of fashion or trend.

Below are Popular dress styles and some celebrities that are identified with these styles ;

Dramatic: You like to wear the latest trend and make a statement with your outfits – You like outfits with the wow factor. ( Example; Joan Collins, Madonna, David Beckham )

Romantic: You love dressing up – Clothes are pretty and you adore colours and details such as bows, flowers, curls. The girls in this category are usually girly girls. ( Example; Kylie Minogue )

Creative: You are good with combining different items of clothing and accessories to create a unique and unconventional look. ( Example; Gwen stefani, Vivienne Westwood, Jonny Depp )

You love the more formal look  – Your look is timeless and elegant and you always want to appear nicely tucked in from hair to outfit. You love  the power dressing / corporate look and will rarely wear dangles and freeles ( Example; Hillary Clinton, George Clooney )

Identify and understand your unique style, then develop it to work for you – Work your style with confidence and express your personality whether the dress code is to dress up or to dress down. Good luck x

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