Human Relations – Dealing with the Human Ego;

Dealing with people is an art or skill that can be honed to develop good human relations; A key factor to consider in human relations is dealing with the very delicate Human EGO –

Ego2Dealing with the Delicate Human Ego;

The Human EGO is so sensitive that a person will go to any length to defend against any threat to their ego.

The First Law Of Human Relations is that; ” People act or fail to act largely to enhance their ego ” Within the heart of everyone is a deep craving to feel important or to be respected. This is why you cannot treat people as machines or objects and get away with it for very long – Human nature is wired to reject this and will revolt eventually no matter the hold you have on them. This has been proven through the years.

To practice good Human Relations therefore, you must remember these Principles;

  • Every individual craves respect and every individual is important because they have an innate sense of worth from the creator.
  • We are all egotists by nature – craving to satisfy our self esteem.
  • People are more interested in themselves than others.
  • There is a craving in everyone for other peoples approval ( directly or indirectly ), to help them approve of themselves.

People are naturally ego hungry, it is only when you satisfy ( albeit partially ) their ego, then will they forget themselves and give their attention to something or someone else. It is a well known fact that those who like themselves, have a healthy self esteem and are usually nicer to people than those with low self esteem who attempt to boost their ego negatively by always being mean to people.

To address low self esteem in others and get on well with people, help them like themselves better by not beating them down, avoid sarcastic and cutting remarks. Instead feed their ego by looking at their good points and offering sincere praise and/or compliments – You will bring out the best in people and nurture better relationships.

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