Encouragement nurtures a positive self-esteem.

Encouragement is a powerful skill used to help people especially youngsters do better and improve their self- esteem. Parents and teachers could use this skill to help young people and teenagers deal with life, get through challenges and confidently declare ” I can ” to achieving success.

Encouragement is an effective tool used to make people feel accepted, capable and appreciated.

Ways to encourage:

Appreciate People:- Deep down everyone wants to be accepted and to feel a sense of belonging. Showing appreciation to people depicts you as having good manners and a refined personality,  but more importantly it encourages the person being appreciated to do better and to have a sense a belonging. Take time to notice and appreciate others and ask after  their interest and you will be surprised how they will open up and feel valued – Could be your partner, colleagues, friends, children etc. 

Genuine words of praise and appreciation will bring out the best in people, make them more productive and encourage better relationships: As it is aptly written; 

 ” As the furnace refines gold, so is a man to his praise ” Proverbs 27:21(KJV)

( Genuine praise will bring out the best in a man just as the furnace will bring out the best in gold )

Have faith in people:- Having faith in people means you believe in them. Your thoughts will show up in your attitude towards people around you and they will sense what you are thinking about them. Believing in them will send off positive energy as well as influence your attitude towards them.  Most people ( especially teenagers and young people ) will not believe in themselves if their parents or teachers do not believe in them. It will usually take a divine intervention to change that. Find that positive side to appreciate in someone first before you criticise. Use constructive criticism and never compare your child ( or any one for that matter ) negatively to another in their face. It breeds contempt and will have the opposite effect of what you intended.

Teenagers and youngsters particularly ( since they are still very impressionable ) need to know and see that their parents believe they can succeed. Amazingly, most times youngsters will set out consciously or unconsciously not to disappoint their parents or teachers either way – whether you believe they will succeed or fail. So chose wisely what to believe when you have responsibity over others.

Finally have faith in yourself :- When all else fails encourage your self. You have got what it takes within yourself to succeed. You are unique in yourself. There is only one blue print of you and no one quiet like you -You are special. If you channel your energies, goals and actions positively you will succeed. This maybe challenging when you do not have support around you but if you hang in there against all odds and believe in yourself and your creator, life will eventually hand to you exactly what you are demanding of it. It cannot be otherwise for this is a principle of life. 

Reach out today and start to encourage people and you will begin to attract the same back to yourself. Good luck xxx

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