Power of Encouragement;

Giving words of encouragement to people especially youngsters will give them the courage to do better in life and to be more cooperative.

What is Encouragement: This is a skill that one may use to help people build up their self esteem and confidence in their ability. Developing a healthy self – esteem will help people deal with life challenges and achieve success.

Young people who are encouraged positively, grow up with  ” I can do ” attitude and go on to do very well because they believe that they are capable, accepted and loved.

How to Encourage:

Most of us, … need only a bit of praise and encouragement and we will make the goal  Robert Collier

Back up correction with words of encouragement; The way you talk to your loved ones ( i.e partner or youngsters ) will often influence how they see themselves and their attitude. Show love and respect even when you have to correct – Do not keep pointing out negative or criticizing someone for what they do wrong because you want them to change,  this works the opposite and will discourage instead. Always back up correction by pointing out what they do well.

Notice and appreciate peoples effort at home or at work; Acknowledge/thank  family members or work colleagues when they do something to help especially if you are a parent or a leader. ( Even when you feel it is their duty to do the work ). Showing and saying words of encouragement to people, will give them a sense of belonging and the desire to do better.

Believe in your ability and the abilities of people assigned to you – family or work mates; When you believe in yourself or someone, your faith projects a positive energy which will help you to keep encouraging yourself or people around you until things start to work out positively. For instance, Your youngsters will do better in life when they perceive that you believe they can succeed.


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