Problem Solving at Work ( Part 1- Individuals );

Managing problems early at work could save an organization huge financial loses as well as precious manpower resource and relationship; Workplace problem can be between individuals at work or can be a management procedural problem within an organization.

Tips on how to deal with problems at work between individual colleagues:-

  • Identify the problem and address it quickly before it develops into something more detrimental.
  • Listen to both sides; Listening attentively to both sides without showing favoritism will make it easier for the parties involved to open up to you, so you can get a better understanding of what the problem is.
  • Ensure clear communication; Clarify information received by repeating and summarizing the key issues for accuracy. All key points should be addressed to avoid further problems that can be counter productive.
  • Consider all possible options for solving the problem based on information received.
  • Make a decision as quickly as possible, implement, monitor and evaluate the result to ensure issues have been resolved or at least is under control.

Watch out for Part 2.

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