Problem Solving at work ( Part 2 )

As mentioned in part 1 of this article, problems at work can either be between work colleagues or problems with managing an organisation, such as structural or technical problems. In this article we shall deal with the latter.

Solving organisational problems can be challenging but very rewarding if addressed quickly and effectively….

Tips on dealing with Managerial Procedural problems;

  • Identify the problem; You must first identify there is a problem and determine what it is, before you can take action towards solving it.
  • Understand the problem; Understand what the problem is, define it clearly and collect relevant information and that will help you tackle the problem most effectively.
  • Benchmarking; Compare and review how similar cases have been addressed previously in other organisations and determine what would work best for your organisation.
  • Choose the solution; Choose the best solution to tackle the problem.
  • Implement the solution; Move quickly to implement the solution to avoid things getting worse
  • Monitor and evaluate the solution.

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