Positive Leadership @ the Workplace

A good business leader has the key responsibility to influence and motivate his team positively towards a common goal which is aligned with company goals and projections. 

Traits of a successful business leader includes;

Confidence; A good leader must project confidence ( even if he is not very confident ), to gain the confidence and respect of his team or followers. Being clear and assertive, yet able to show empathy and generosity when necessary. This works well for gaining respect.

Goal oriented; Being goal oriented means a leader knows where he is going or at least has a planned destination. Having a goal and time scale to achieve this goal keeps a leader focused and driven. People are more likely to support someone who is focused and seem to know where he is going.

Transparency; An open and transparent business relations will encourage people to do business with such a leader. Being authentic, yet passionate about your work is an attractive trait.

Innovative / Creative; To do well in today’s evolving  business world, a leader needs to be innovative and creative – The ability to adapt skillfully to business changes and still meet customer needs, will keep a leader one step ahead.

Decisiveness; There are occasions when a leader may need to consider the opinion of others before making a decision, but he must be able to take quick decisive actions when necessary.

Positive & inspiring; Being optimistic will reflect in your actions and will rub off on your team -This can be empowering and inspires productivity.

Communication; An effective communicator will have a better relationship with his team and more importantly, will be able to communicate his goals to them.

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